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Ubuntu Ad

Ubuntu – Linux for human beings

So i was driving home today and i saw something that i at first couldn’t believe. Heading South on 101 (about redwood city i think). There was a big billboard ad for Ubuntu. I think the text read “Ubuntu – Linux for ^Servers and Human Beings”. Crazy! I guess they are doing well enough to start advertising and such. This is of course very encouraging. Perhaps this is the start of a larger campaign?

Doubtful to be honest. that ad was obviously targeted at Silicon valley firms, but wouldn’t it be great to have Linux see the light of day. Let people know that they have options. they don’t need to shell out $100s for their OS. Anyway, i just thought that was pretty cool to see. Maybe this time around these hopeful words will actually be true. “this is the year for linux”


Zimbra – Products
So i am sure that i will now be one of many people blogging about this now at the moment after its feature on digg. however, i must say that this definitely deserves it. If you are at all interested in office productivity tools this is definitely for you. check out the flash demo that they feature on the website.

The thing that impressed me the most was the mash-up integration with other software (like the accepting the Purchase Orders). It makes me wonder actually how easy it is to achieve that level of connectedness. having an application that defined a template for interaction (which this seems to) packs some pretty real benefit to companies that suffer from fractured tech infrastructure.

There is nothing more annoying than having to know your way around like 5 different applications just to get one or two things done. When products like Zimbra are flexible enough to incorporate other older / more cumbersome interfaces into their own, there is the potential for huge payoffs. Less time wasted by employees and more productivity for the company.

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Sunset on Europe 06

Picture 276

We are back home safe and sound. This picture was taken in Santorini. Its probably the best of my pictures, but you can check out the rest at the photos page. The trip was awesome. Pretty successful given there were only a few minor hitches along the way.

London ended up being a lot of fun. I was able to visit family friends outside of London and we got to spend a whole day touring around the city. Now I just need to aclimate myself back to the work schedule. Have been pretty tired the last few days.

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I know its been a few days. Haven’t gotten a chance until now to get on the internet. Santorini is unbelieveable! It ranks up there with other beautiful places like CinqueTerre. In fact I think it may even be better as there is so much to do here. Granted it is pretty touristy, but for good reason. There are great views of the ocean, huge black sand beaches, Volcano tours (the island is actually a crater left over from an eruption a couple thousand years ago), hot springs, and more.

Yesterday we went to the beach and had a great time. Today we are doing the volcano tour and i think we are going to rent a car tomorrow and do a little more exploring. This was definitely the best way to wrap up the trip.

England will be fun as well. i’m going to email mrs. brownlee now to confirm when i can visit on sunday. That leaves monday to see a bit of london (mike has never been), and then we head out on tuesday. I will probably only update this once more at most if we get the chance in london. otherwise see you on tuesday.