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I was pretty impressed when i saw this on digg a while back. These type of web 2.0 mini apps seem like they are just taking over. Writely, Zoho, flickr, … the list goes on. I think this is great. These types of apps certainly have a lot to offer. they are simple, fast, and inherently connected and searchable. They decouple work from a physical location allowing people to be productive anywhere and at any time.

however, even with all of these incredible benefits, these apps have not yet tipped. They have not crossed over to the point where anyone and everyone knows what they are or how to use them. Granted, this may just happen with time. But why hasn’t it? The products are certainly mature. I am using Writely right now, and it has all of the features that 99% of the Word population uses. Why isn’t everyone using this? Couple reasons:

  • Broadband is growing, but it is not yet everywhere
  • Desktops apps have the momentum. The majority of the population is used to the paradigm where Desktop is for software and Internet is for research. To be honest, i don’t even think it crosses peoples minds that they can use productivity apps online
  • Trusted source: If your not an early adopter, you tend to like things that come from a “known” source. None of these apps have that yet. Writely could, but Google has chosen not to brand the site yet. I think this is a mistake. Right now the trusted source is microsoft, and unless some big players start throwing their brand around (google, yahoo, etc), microsoft will continue to be the “trusted source” for productivity software.