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Personalized Phone Messages

Had an idea this afternoon. It would be a pretty neat feature of a phone to be able to set up temporary personalized away messages. For example, if you know someone is going to call you, but you are away, you can record a message for that particular person. That way you don’t have to worry about not getting back to them if you are in a meeting, or you can exchange necessary information rather than playing phone tag.

I guess it would go something like this… I know Sid is going to call me in 2 hours. I know that in 2 hours i will be in a meeting. before i go into the meeting, i can leave an away message for sid letting him know that i’m just in a meeting and will call back.

Or… I have been playing phone tag with a Sarah. She is supposed to call me back with info, i can leave a personalized message that only she will hear letting her know where i am and where to get a hold of me.

Just a thought. What would be even better is if you could record that from anywhere, or have your phone linked to an SMS service that texted back the personalized message. I wonder if anyone would use a service like that…

Imagination ^3

Today, I had basically this idea. I was in a meeting and we were writing everything up on a big whiteboard. I just couldn’t help thinking to my self, “man, someone is going to have to transcribe all of this later.”

Don’t get me wrong. i love whiteboards. to me they are the best way to think through a problem with a group of people. however, its just tough to “Digitize” them. I have heard of (but haven’t seen), whiteboards that can capture what is written on them and then produce a TIFF or BMP of all the doodles. I think this is great, but i am wondering if there is a need for a “web whiteboard.”

That is where i became curious and started poking around. I ran into this site not long after. Its pretty cool. This is basically what i was thinking. the ability to draw and collaborate in real time. you can share peoples ideas a thoughts right on the site.

I can’t help thinking though that it would be really cool to have some kind of translation from “doodle” to searchable text. Perhaps some sort of doodle language? the ability to quickly draw in some keywords that then get transcribed to either text or bullets or tables or straight line diagrams. Of course something like this is really hard… well maybe not even possible, but still pretty neat to think about whether that is a solvable problem.


I ran across this at work the other day. pretty cool. This is the first step in the inevitable integration of data. Voice, flat text, database. There needs to be good solutions for searching and sorting through all of the data that we produce on a daily basis. Pinger is a great first step allowing people to call into a service that then emails the recipient and tells them they have a message to listen to.

This is certainly a convenient way to keep track of all of your messages. It then passes the job of sorting off to you email client.

However, the real potential here is of course the ability to accurately transcribe the voice and translate it to text. I am sure that the people at pinger are going there. If you can do the translation from voice to text and then send that in an email, you have just conquered a huge gap in being able to recall old conversations. searching and sorting through voicemail (and eventually all phone conversations) would be immensely useful to any business person who needed to recall an old conversation, or save people from the trouble of writing everything thing down when you have a phone conversation. Not sure if the voice->text translation technology is quite there yet, but it certainly provides huge potential