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Power of RSS

This is probably blatantly obvious to tech savvy people, but RSS is truly a game changing technology. Of course, i have been using RSS for quite some time. I have enjoyed the convenience and power of being able to quickly read, aggregate and consume information via RSS. but until recently, i hadn’t noticed how much it has really changed the way i consume information.

I realized this at work a few days back when i found myself shamelessly advertising RSS readers. I just couldn’t understand how people were living without them. I want all my information delivered via RSS. It makes me more productive, and i’d like my team at work to be more productive as well. Especially in corporate environments, where a lot of useless email is sent around all the time, it would be extremely advantageous to the organization to begin delivering their content via RSS. This would allow information to be more targeted and directed to people that actually care, rather than just blasting out messages to huge lists.

This concept becomes even more powerful when you start building some intelligence around your content delivery systems. I ran across findory ( ) the other day as i was just browsing around. I hadn’t heard of this before, but after a bit of googling, i was disapointed to see the project has recently been abandoned. What a great idea. A system that could predict what i want and don’t want to see could be hugely powerful.

My only question is how to drive further adoption of this great technology. Even people that i would consider very tech savvy are not all using RSS to consume their news. Why not?! What is stopping them? knowledge? I am quite confident that once people start using RSS they won’t abandon. it is too convenient and useful for that. Anyway, i’ll just keep plugging for it :)

One Man Star Wars Trilogy

I just saw this tonight. it was awesome! There isn’t too much to say other than that. the show was great. The title says it all. If it ever comes to your area, you should check it out. Here is the website: