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Another Good Idea…Taken!

I had this idea yesterday! Why does this always happen to me? I feel like I get a really good idea. I get all excited about it because i think it is unique and then out of nowhere, bam! The exact thing i was thinking of. I feel like i am getting closer though. This one has only been out for a few months instead of a few years. Maybe the next thing i think of won’t release until a day or two after i think of it :)

Anyway, this is an awesome idea. I really love it. As soon as i found out about it, i immediately signed up and started filtering my feeds. I’m really glad that this service exists. I have about 30 feeds. i realize this isn’t a ton, but even at 30 the amount of articles to go through begins to get unmanageable. Digg alone puts so much junk into your feed reader it is ridiculous.

Thanks to aideRSS i don’t have to worry about this anymore. I will only see the most interesting and “best” (i realize that best is subjective, but i am assuming these guys are going to to a place where i can define best rather than them) news and information. It will let me concentrate more on the good articles and ignore all the rest.

Congrats to this team on a really cool product.