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2010 Goals

January is a natural for me to reflect not only because it is the start of a new year, but because it is my bday month.  As i look back at my last year’s goals, although I didn’t hit every one in the way that I envisioned, i think, overall 2009 was a pretty good year.  Let’s take a look:

I made (and am still making) a couple attempts to get involved in a volunteer organization.  So far, they haven’t really achieved the “deep involvement” bar that i set for myself.  In the product creation category, i’d give myself a B.  Lasso definitely has active users, but i’m not so sure about passionate.  Most importantly, I learned a LOT from the experience and am applying that knowledge to my future work.  Unfortunately, I did not build a local product team.  While i’ve made lots of new techie friends at carrboro coworking, there has not been an opportunity to co-develop new ideas.  I did start and run an RIA user group.  i’ve let it slide a bit of late, but i’m planning on restarting it soon.  I did another century.  check!  Last but not least, i read 11 books last year.  that is really good for me!  I hope to keep up that pace.

okay, so enough of last year.  Looking forward, here are some of the things i’d like to accomplish this year:

  • Keep reading! same pace as last year, keep increasing the diversity of topics
  • Cycling. Since i don’t know my summer plans yet, i can’t commit to a century; however, I want to ride an average of 1/mo in the winter and 3/mo over the summer
  • Complete two significant Arduino projects.  I’ve always been fascinated by home electronics.  This is the year when I start making them!
  • Stay in shape! Last year, I did a very good job of keeping in shape thanks in no small part to Sarah’s vegetarian diet.  I am happy with my current weight and want to stay here

This year’s goals are markedly less interesting than last year.  This year has the potential to be an interesting one professionally speaking.  I’m excited for it, but it means that i know less about how to plan out my year’s goals.  Perhaps a mid-year update is in order.  I’ll make myself a note to check back in June…