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Pictures from India!

We’ve posted a few pictures from our trip on Picasa:

These are only about 200 of the 1,900 we took, but they at least hit the highlights of the trip. We’re excited that there seem to be a few pretty good ones, which we look forward to framing and putting up at home. However, looking through all our photos, we definitely feel like they don’t really capture the full experience of being in India. I guess it’s true for any vacation you take, but so much of our experience was shaped by the sights, sounds, and smells hitting our senses from moment to moment. Our pictures show the destinations we reached, but the process of getting to each destination and our day-to-day experiences were such a huge part of our trip.

We found a couple of videos on YouTube that other travelers have posted of the streets in India, which give somewhat of a better idea of what it’s like to travel through the country (or at least just walk down the street in Delhi).