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Business School – First Semester Impressions

Since Sarah and I returned from India, my blog has sadly been neglected. There is a reason for that – I’ve spent way too much time on school work and not enough time reflecting. I have a few quiet moments now and I figured that I would record some thoughts on business school so far – what I like and what I wish were better.

In my first semester back at school I am taking “the core”. This set of 5 classes is a requirement for all first semester business students and is comprised of accounting, econ, communications, statistics (mixed with some optimization and decision analysis), and organizational studies. Unfortunately, so far, I’ve found most of my classes to be lackluster. Since I took a lot of math and econ in undergrad, most of the topics are review for me. While there is certainly a lot of work to do for classes, I don’t yet feel like I am learning a lot of new material. I remain optimistic that I will be able to choose classes next semester that are more interesting.

Extracurricular life in business school is really where most of the interesting things happen. Despite a healthy amount of title inflation, many of the clubs have significant responsibility in organizing and running some of the most important and well known events at the institute. I’ve gotten involved with the MIT Entrepreneurship Review and am really enjoying the experience.

Everyone always says business school is about the networking. I will grudgingly accept this; however, I’d like to qualify. I, personally, don’t like the word networking. To me, it connotes a fundamentally self-centered activity. For me, business school is about meeting interesting and inspiring people from whom I have and will continue to learn a lot. When it is at its best, business school changes your outlook on what is possible to do in the world. Although it can be frustrating at times, it is this undeniable fact that keeps me excited for next 1.5 years.