Mid-Year Goals Update

Okay it’s June, and as anticipated, I know a lot more about the rest of my year than I did in January. I’d like to refocus my goals for this year to stay focused on what I’d like to achieve.

I start business school in august. I’m quite excited about it, but it’s important to me to maintain laser focus on what I want to achieve during my time in school. Although, I know that part of being in school is about being open to the unexpected, here are a few principles that I want to keep.

  1. Deepening rather than abandoning technical competency. This might be a funny principle #1 to have going into business school, but it is quite important to me. I aspire to lead by example rather than by edict, to do things rather than say things. To accomplish this, I will take technical classes, join non-MBA student groups, and continue to be a hacker, prototyper, and tinkerer.
  2. Challenge myself to do the hard things. As an undergrad, I was really scared that I couldn’t hack it as a CS major; however, doing CS was probably one of the best decisions i’ve made. In bschool, this means that I should follow my passions and interest even if the path is less certain or won’t provide financial stability. I’m incredibly lucky to have all that I do, and I must continually challenge myself to follow whatever calls to me.
  3. Avoid “the bubble”. When you’re in school, it’s easy to get into a bubble where you don’t really pay attention to what is going on in the world around you. You only have school friends, you only talk about school, you stop paying attention to the news. I want to fight that as best I can. While i want to immerse myself in all that Sloan has to offer, it’s important to keep my head up and still pay attention to everything that is going on around me.

Looking back, my personal goals from January, still look good, but unfortunately, I’m seriously slacking on my cycling. I’ll be living in a great area for cycling, so when i’m back in Boston in August I need to get back on the bike! In the fall, when the weather is still nice, I’d like to get out and ride every weekend. Need to make that happen!

I’ll be posting some short updates regarding Sarah and my travels this summer either here or on sarah’s blog. My goal for this summer, is just to relax and enjoy it. Hopefully i can accomplish that :)

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