India, Days 26-27: Back in Leh

Monday was a pretty chill day back in Leh. After staying up to watch the world cup final the night before, we slept in and spent the day reading, relaxing and catching up on email. The only sightseeing we did was later in the afternoon.

Out behind the city of Leh, there is a big stupa built into the hill that overlooks the whole city. Sarah was feeling a bit under the weather, so she decided to rest while I undertook the short hike to the top. The view was grand from up there, but unfortunately, it was a bit overcast when i was on the top. It was quite peaceful up there though.

Later that night we met our friends again for dinner. Sarah and I decided to split a very good lamb dish since we have been eating mostly vegetarian for that last week and a half. We had another nice evening discussing our treks and stories from travels through India. It was Gjs and Mona’s last night in Leh so we bid them farewell at the end of the evening. It was wonderful getting to know them.

Today (Tuesday), we hiked to the the two “main attractions” of Leh. We visited the ancient palace and the mountain monastery. The palace was quite simple inside and was constructed in a very similar was to the way that homes are constructed in Ladakh. It had a wonderful view of the city below and we enjoyed hanging out there for a while.

After the palace we headed up to the monastery. It also had a wonderful view of the city, but the most memorable part of our visit was sitting with Buddhist monks as the chanted prayers in one of the monastic shrines. It was a very peaceful experience. The monks chanted, but also played several instruments including a drum, cymbals, and horns. The mood was somber, but also full of energy and life (particularly when they were playing the horns right near my ear!).

The way down the hill was quite steep and unfortunately, both sarah and I took a spill. I scrapped my knee and sarah bruised her behind. Our first Indian injuries. Not so bad i guess.

Tonight we will meet Adi for dinner since we are leaving first thing tomorrow on a flight back to Delhi. We’ll be in Delhi for a couple days and then on to the Taj Mahal! We’re excited for the next leg of our trip, but it is crazy to think that we are just about 2/3 of the way through the trip. It’s one of those weird things where the time moves both quickly and slowly at the same time.

We’ll update again with news from Agra!

6 Responses to “India, Days 26-27: Back in Leh”

  1. Tony

    So did the scenery look like Lort of the Rings at all? I realize that was filmed in New Zealand, but maybe the mountain landscape looks like when they try to cross the snowy pass… :-)

    Sounds like you guys had an amazing time in the mountains. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. Tony

    Damn, I meant “Lord of the Rings”. Stupid typos.

  3. Alison Brooks

    Awesome to read about your Himalayan trek. I can only imagine just how stunning the scenery was. Will have to see it for myself someday. But until then, I can’t wait to see your pictures.

  4. Dante

    @Tony, maybe a little bit. It is the summer here (which is why we could even go to Leh in the first place), so there was not dramatic storms on the top, but it was pretty awesome scenery. We are back in Delhi now. Next stop is the Taj Mahal.

    @Alison, we’ll get those pictures up soon i hope!

  5. Mary Grace

    I just finished reading through all of your posts. It sounds like an incredible trip! I can’t wait to read more and see pictures!

  6. Dante

    Thanks! Great to hear from you!