3 Reasons to Work in Education

I’m often asked why I chose to work in the education sector. For many, it seems like a huge – even intractable – industry and not one that might hold the attention of someone used to Tech.  For me, there are three reasons that draw me to the space:

Education is – in my humble opinion – the most fundamental sector of a well-functioning society.  If you believe – as I do – that stable societies afford every person the opportunity to succeed, then you must also believe that in a modern, knowledge-based economy education is the key to unlocking that opportunity.  Viewed through this lens, other sectors seem far less important.

There are real, addressable problems.  Over the last few years, the primary issue that your average tech startup deals with is getting people to care about the problem they are trying to solve.  Why?  Because techies – like myself – are starting to hit the margins of problems to solve in the “traditional” tech sector.  Compare this to Education where – at the macro level – you have science and math competency falling and – at the micro level – you have parents nearly bankrupting themselves  to get their children through school.

Education will be THE growth sector of this century.  If you think I’m crazy consider this: Over the last two decades hundreds of millions of people in Asia, South America, and Africa have started the climb out of poverty.  As they move away from a subsistence-based existence and have a little extra money to spend, where do you think it’s going to go?  Parents will invest everything they have into securing opportunity for their children.

I am incredibly excited by the opportunities that lie ahead in education.  I hope that more will join me.

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