Happy New Year! Goals for 09

I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this for a little while now, but finally found the time to get around to it.  a little late, but it’s the thought that counts.

08 was a really big year for my personal life.  I got married and moved across the country.  I’ve started making new friends in a new place and tried to challenge myself to expand beyond my social comfort zone.  It is my hope that 09 is as big for my professional life as 08 was for my personal life.  Therefore my 09 goals are mostly of a professional nature.  I hope to come back to this post in a year and see that I’ve accomplished what i list here.

  • Deep involvement in a volunteer activity, ideally with an international organization
  • Create at least one product that has active and passionate users
  • Build a local product team
  • Run an active RIA user group
  • Do another century bike ride
  • Read more: ~A book a month, broaden topics beyond technical ones :)

some of these goals are loftier that others, but I hope that writing them down will help to keep me on task and focused on what is important for this year.  I just want to add to the ‘goes w/o saying’ category: Keeping in better touch with my family and supporting sarah through her internship this summer regardless of where it is.

Happy 2009 everyone!

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