Meetup and Me

Being totally new to an to an area is difficult.  It’s difficult for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is not having connections to people.  Although it took me a long time to realize it about myself, I thrive off of having people around.  I enjoy listening, learning, and just talking with people that I know well, or am meeting for the first time.

When you are new to an area, opportunites to meet and talk to people seem limited.  It’s really easy to feel isolated.  However, it’s also an opportunity.  It’s an opportunity to do things that you wouldn’t have “normally” done when you are in your comfort zome.

For me, Meetup has been an amazing resource for becoming more comfortable in my new location.  I’ve found people with common interests and genuine desires to learn.

Last week, I took the plunge and started my own Meetup on Rich Internet Applications.  We had our first meeting on thursday.  There were 3 people in total.  Not exactly a huge turnout, but I’m encouraged that there is some level of interest.  It is great that I can meet a couple people who I would have no way of meeting otherwise and have a two hour long discussion about a topic that i love.

I’m definitely a newly minted big fan of meetup, and i’m looking forward to many more meetups in the future.

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