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2011 Goals

In most ways, 2010 was a great year: I got into and started business school, Sarah and I went on an unforgettable trip to India, and I got to spend a good amount of time at home in August. However, achieving last year’s goals was not one of the things that went well. In fact, […]

2010 Goals

January is a natural for me to reflect not only because it is the start of a new year, but because it is my bday month.  As i look back at my last year’s goals, although I didn’t hit every one in the way that I envisioned, i think, overall 2009 was a pretty good […]

Happy New Year! Goals for 09

I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this for a little while now, but finally found the time to get around to it.  a little late, but it’s the thought that counts. 08 was a really big year for my personal life.  I got married and moved across the country.  I’ve started making new […]