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Short examples of jQTouch and chain.js

Recently, I got back on track with the RIA meetup and put together a brief overview of two jQuery libraries that I have found useful recently: jQTouch and chain.js.  I’d like to briefly recap that session here and post the code that I wrote to demonstrate how they work.  I’d like to thank and acknowledge […]

Learning about Silverlight

On Thursday, the Carrboro RIA Meetup had it’s latest installment of RIA learning.  Rob Zelt, (and here) an expert on Silverlight and MS web technologies shared the basiscs of Silverlight with our group.  Thanks very much to Rob for sharing with the group!  It was a great session where I think everyone learned a lot. […]

Adobe AIR: Introduction and Overview

As I was preparing for tomorrows RIA Meetup, it dawned on me that it probably would be a good idea to use my blog as a way to both document and share the work that goes into the meetups. From now on (time permitting), every time we have a meetup, I’ll try to accompany it […]

Meetup and Me

Being totally new to an to an area is difficult.  It’s difficult for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is not having connections to people.  Although it took me a long time to realize it about myself, I thrive off of having people around.  I enjoy listening, learning, and just talking with […]