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Do the Simplest Thing You Possibly Can

This post borrows ideas from TPS and metacool but hopes to bring ideas to these ideas to life with a concrete example. Right now at work, we have a project that seeks to get a better understanding of how small businesses could use voice technology to organize workers and streamline process.  Very cool, cutting edge […]

Deadlines need a bite

Now i don’t mean this quite as literally as pictured here, and this may seem obvious after I say it, but recently I asked myself the question: “Why do deadlines work?” It’s pretty common knowledge that in order to make progress on any project a team needs deadlines to more forward, but why?  Why are […]

Splitting a Team By Architecture: Bad Idea

Lets say you are working on a project where there are multiple teams all working toward a common outcome.  You are the manager and you sit down with your architect / lead developer (which could be yourself for all that matters).  You know the solution you need to deliver for your customers and you have […]